What is Essentrics?


What is Essentrics [ee-sen-triks]?

For starters, it’s not Eccentrics or Excentrics. It’s ESSENTRICS, with the double S 😊. This is the question I get asked most often.

Essentrics® is a FULL BODY workout! We target all 650 muscles in the body, starting with the tiniest muscles in our fingers to the major muscles in our legs and arms. Why is this necessary? Well according to Essentrics creator, Miranda Esmonde-White “you are only as flexible as your tightest muscle.” And this is a statement I wholeheartedly agree with.

The unique factor of this fitness program is that it eccentrically strengthens your muscles. This means we are simultaneously strengthening and stretching our muscles through a combination of dynamic movements. The results leave you feeling taller, leaner, toned, and flexible. There is no equipment required. We workout barefoot and listen to an amazing playlist that is specifically curated to the movements.

Aside from all the benefits of improved posture, mobility, and range of motion, this workout is safe and effective for pain relief, injury prevention and rehabilitation. The movements include Tai Chi and physiotherapy techniques, both of which are designed for healing. So no matter your age or fitness level, this program is for you!  

Adding Essentrics to your weekly routine will also rebalance your body, protect you from injury and improve your overall form. This is critical in order to address the imbalances caused by other daily activities and fitness programs. For instance, do you sit at a desk all day, do heavy lifting, or stand on your feet for hours at a time? All of these can have repercussions on your physical wellbeing. What about your fitness programs? Do you run, bike, play sports, do yoga or Pilates? While most of these programs provide amazing benefits to your health, they can also create imbalances in the body that need to be addressed. 

If this speaks to you, then you are ready to try a class! Take a look at my class schedule, try it out, and you’ll be hooked. If you want to learn more, check out the following videos and read what my clients have to say!

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