5 Tips For Enjoying The Fall Season

A new season is the perfect time to switch up your wellness routine!

A new season is the perfect time to switch up your wellness routine!

Many studios and gyms have a complete makeover with their schedule. New classes are created, and teachers move around the different time slots. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience something new.

As for your nutrition, we are heading into Fall, and although some of us may not be happy that the weather is getting colder, there are plenty of delicious things to look forward to!

For me…. I love peach season in Ontario, pumpkin spiced lattes, apple picking (to make baked apples or apple pie) and making butternut squash soup. (Side note… Recipe coming soon!)



  1. Take a look at your favourite studio schedule and notice the new class times and instructors. Rearrange your daily routine and plug in a new workout time. Your body will appreciate the change!
  2. Find out what fruits and vegetables are in season, and crack out the cookbooks for recipe inspiration. If you’re in Ontario, get ready for blueberries, cranberries, apples, pears, plums, beets, Brussel sprouts and squash!
  3. In addition to in-season food, do some research and find out where the local farmers markets are and see how long they stay open for. Some markets will be around well into late fall/early winter.
  4. Get a head start on organizing your wardrobe and remind yourself of all the cute sweaters and scarves you love. You know… the ones that are perfect for a brisk evening walk with hot chocolate warming up your hands. Trust me, if you do this now you won’t freak out about not having clothes for the new season! #BeenThereDoneThat
  5. Plan a few Fall specific activities! Lauren’s top picks….
    1. Apple picking
    2. Go to a pumpkin patch
    3. Go for a hike and watch the fall foliage
    4. Get excited for The Toronto International Film Festival and check out some movies or star sightings
    5. Workout in the park! Go for a run or join an Essentrics class ;)