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I’ve been practicing Essentrics for about 5 years and I’m so thankful to have found such an intelligent form of movement. No matter where my life takes me, I find I always return to Essentrics simply because it leaves my body feeling balanced. Whenever I’m in Toronto I look forward to Lauren’s classes because I know she will give a full body class, with a banging playlist and I’ll leave feeling amazing. Essentrics is for anyone, from young to old, man to woman, injured to healthy, this program changes everyone’s life.

- Sarah Gadon, Actress
I had first learned about the Essentrics when I was researching for a story on inspiring young moms to ‘work in a work out’ for a publication I write for. I had seen the videos and started to follow them on my own and enjoyed them but it wasn’t enough to keep me doing the sessions on a regular routine. Then I discovered Lauren’s classes in fun locations throughout the city and joined in. I’m so glad I did! I’ve been learning how to do the movements correctly making the workouts more efficient!

- Sonya Davidson @theculturepearl, Lifestyle Writer
Lauren’s Essentrics classes increased my mobility tremendously. The improved flexibility and strength I experienced after only few classes was incredibly satisfying, I quickly became hooked. Plus Lauren’s upbeat attitude, great music and passion for the Essentrics program makes me look forward to coming to class. 

- Lisa Labute, Owner The Goods, 37 
I have greatly enjoyed and benefitted from doing Essentrics with Lauren.  She has been very attentive to my specific needs and always asks if there are specific areas I want to work on each session.  She is constantly introducing new movements and exercises which keeps the sessions from becoming routine or boring, and her selections of musical accompaniment perfectly complement the movements and help the time fly by.  I highly recommend the Essentrics program for anyone to keep their muscles and joints strong and flexible, and you could not have a better instructor than Lauren.

- Ken Hunter, Insurance Executive, 63
Lauren is a born teacher: She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and obviously passionate about what she does. She is also incredibly professional: always on time, always pleasant and smiling, always developing new routines, always observing as she teaches by example, doing the routines she is teaching along with her students. And her classes are always accompanied by terrific music.
During a session with Lauren, I feel totally focused on what I am doing and feel also that Lauren is totally focused on me. I feel as if I am doing something that’s good for me; our hour together flies by and, at the end of it, I feel relaxed and energized.

- Susan Schwartz, Journalist
My wife encouraged me to try Essentrics with her and I had no idea what to expect - it sounded like a dance class so I was a bit hesitant to try it. When the class first started the movements did not come naturally to me (many times they still don’t but Lauren does a great job of helping me!). I keep going back to Essentrics with Lauren because the movements challenge my body in a very complimentary way to my other exercise and I leave with my body feeling much more centered to get through the day!

- David, Commercial Real Estate, 30
I look forward to Essentrics every week! I love the flow and movement of Lauren’s classes. My body feels amazing after each class - it’s a full body workout that leaves me feeling longer and stronger. On top of all that, Lauren is amazing! Her love for what she does really comes through in her teaching style and makes the class so fun - I was immediately hooked. 

- Amanda, Wellness Coach, 30 
Lauren is the most dynamic and energetic teacher. Her attention to detail forces me to always engage my core and improve my posture. Anyone would be lucky to take one of her classes!

- Amy Greenspoon, Advertising, 30
I love to keep in shape. I run a few times a week and do weight training as well and Lauren’s Essentrics is such an important addition to my weekly routine. Lauren helps me loosen every part of my body and helps stretch and elongate every muscle to lower the risk of injury and allow me to get the most out of my workouts. Since I started Lauren’s classes my posture has improved to the extent that I measure slightly taller. I feel leaner, stronger, more flexible, less sore and I have more energy to put towards my more vigorous exercises. 
I encourage you to try Lauren’s Essentrics classes once or twice a week for a month and see the difference for yourself. 

- Renee
I first met Lauren about eighteen months ago. Essentrics under her guidance has made quite a difference in my life. My doctor is now pleased with my bone density results...Essentrics with Lauren and my work with my naturopath continue to be a winning combination. Lauren’s  professionalism, instruction, modeling of movements and enthusiasm are reasons why I travel forty-five minutes to attend her classes...not to mention her musical choices! I am a practicing chiropractor in my 60’s who bought a monthly intro pass last year and have never looked back!  I encourage you to do the same!

- Dr. Kathleen O’Hara


With so much emphasis currently on High Intensity Interval Training, Essentrics is like a breath of fresh air, and Lauren Finkelstein has mastered the delivery of this great program. Having worked in Corporate Fitness and Wellness centres for many years, I have noticed that in an attempt to save time, many people skip the stretch at the end of a workout.  With Essentrics you can have both!
Most people who try this unique form of exercise adopt it as part of their weekly routine, which speaks volumes to its effectiveness, and are healthier for it. No equipment required; very safe for beginners; fun and challenging while also relaxing. Essentrics is a must-have for Fitness and Wellness centres.

- Scott Kenner, Senior Fitness and Wellness Coordinator, Tri Fin Inc., Medisys Health Group
I cannot explain in simple words what these classes mean to me.  They are the only form of organized fitness activities that I do and it is amazing that it fits in my lunch hour.  Lauren is an amazing instructor – she shows you all the moves and walks around to ensure that you are doing them correctly but never makes you feel bad if you’re doing it for the first time or have been doing the class forever.  Lauren cares about you and notices when you’ve been injured/hurt or not at your best and modifies the moves for you.  Lauren is extremely encouraging and I love taking her classes.

- Melissa Haveliwalla, Legal Assistant, 39
I was introduced to Lauren and Essentrics in the Spring of 2016 and life has not been the same since! What an amazing workout. I spend a lot of time sitting in my daily work routine, as do many of my colleagues, so when the opportunity to add these classes to our wellness perks presented itself, I was grateful at the chance to make it happen. Essentrics is the best functional stretch and strengthen class hands down. I thoroughly enjoy Lauren’s teaching, knowledge, encouragement and positive energy and have only heard wonderful comments from class participants. Thank you Lauren for opening our world to the benefits of Essentrics! I look forward to a continued collaboration with you in the years to come. 

- Stefanie, Office Manager, 39
Lauren is an amazing instructor. I haven’t had any proper workout since being a mom. And attending Lauren’s classes helped me a lot with my flexibility and endurance. I don’t get tired as much nowadays and I am now able to keep up with my highly energetic toddler! Her classes have always been exciting as she tends to create different sets of activities every session! The Essentrics class is one of the things I look forward to each week!

- Dianna Galazo
As someone who has always enjoyed various types of work-outs, Essentrics is the perfect mix of stretching, toning and strengthening that I was looking for! And because all the movements are set to music, it’s really easy to get into the flow of the exercises. Lauren does an amazing job ensuring each person is working at their optimal level and shows modifications where needed. I feel completely relaxed, yet energized from head to toe after every class and try not to miss a session. It’s become my “must do” fitness class of the week!

- G. Heres, Legal Assistant
I have never heard of Essentrics before trying it and it is amazing!!  I love the low impact aspect of it, but mostly the stretching and elongating of the muscles which helps me feel energetic and physically healthier, i.e. my lower back pain is significantly lessened after a class with Lauren.  An Essentrics workout is the type that anyone can do and I highly recommend it.

- Marisa B., Legal Assistant, 48
Lauren’s Essentrics class is a perfect mid-day workout. I love that it’s a fusion of different workout styles, allowing your mind a break from work while challenging your body. Lauren is a great instructor – she explains all of the exercises and helps you understand your body’s movement. I leave the class feeling both educated and energized!

- Jenn Heard, Marketing Manager, 29
I had never heard of Essentrics … I am so glad that I tried it.  It is by far the most beneficial class I have ever taken! I am a runner and had to stop when I started having lower back and hip issues … it became too painful to run.  This class has increased my mobility and I am now able to run pain-free. Lauren is a great instructor … she walks around the class ensuring that everyone is doing each exercise properly. This is my favorite class.... I love it!

- Liz Magera, Deloitte, 65
I started the classes about a year ago. Lauren is a great Essentrics teacher, she fully understands the movements and the correct way to benefit from each of the poses.  She walks the room to ensure all of the participants are doing the pose correctly.  After my class, I always feel taller and have more energy.  I try very hard to never miss the class because I feel the benefits immediately following the class as well as have been feeling better overall. Thanks Lauren for helping to make me whole. 

- Edna, Deloitte

Essentrics is the perfect workout. It works every muscle in the body and you don’t even feel like you are working out. It incorporates intrinsic energy, stretching, toning, yoga and pilates. Lauren is a fantastic teacher, leading the class in an enthusiastic manner and makes all the moves look easy. She explains every movement and ensures that you are doing everything right.

- Soo Man Pow
I loved being introduced to Essentrics!  I did not expect this workout to be so intense. I consider myself a pretty fit person but no matter whether Lauren was focusing in on the abs, arms or legs she got my muscles burning!  Lauren is also a fantastic instructor taking the time to walk around the room and fix our posture and remind us about the little “tweaks” we could do to get the most out of our workout! Lauren is one of the reasons I kept coming back to class every week!  She was very motivating and encouraging and there was always a new move or two incorporated into her workout to help keep it fresh and it definitely kept me on my toes!

- Jennifer Messier, 41, legal assistant


I was introduced to Lauren and Essentric training in December 2016 when I joined Misfit Studio at the recommendation of my physio therapist to address chronic back pain caused by a recurring L3-L4 disc herniation that was limiting my range of motion and causing pain to travel throughout my lower back and leg making work, childcare, air travel, sleep, and other everyday activities very painful, and participating in sports next to impossible.

Since my Essentric training began with Lauren, I have experienced considerable improvements to my posture, flexibility, and physique, and I haven’t had any new incidents of back pain. In addition to the preventative benefits my overall comfort and performance in other  activities has been superior to my condition before the last episode of back pain prior to starting physio and Essentric training. Also, while I started Essentric training to address lumbar spine issues, the exercises also improved mobility in my shoulders which suffered from some weakness due to over 25 years of abuse from baseball, volleyball, martial arts, and many other sports. I also experienced improvements to the range of motion in my left wrist / hand that recently suffered a severe galeazzi fracture from a motor vehicle accident that left my wrist and hand with permanent nerve damage and mobility issues. As a very active individual with a young child and a job that requires a lot of sitting at a desk and long haul flights, Essentric training with Lauren has been a huge game changer for me and has made a positive impact on me from head to toe, and will for sure continue be a part of my weekly exercise regiment for the foreseeable future.

As for Lauren she has been a fantastic teacher and motivator. The fluidity and precision of her movements combined with her continual verbal cues and music selection make for a class that flows very well and is easy to follow despite being very physically challenging. She has shown a sincere interest in my well being and always provides constructive feedback on how I can improve and maximize the benefits of the movements. I’ve had the opportunity thru my work travel to have classes with several different Essentric trainers in different cities and while they have all been great, Lauren for sure stands out in her ability to effectively demonstrate and instruct.

One last thought, Essentric training is something you must give a try for more than just one class. As someone that came from a background of high-intensity circuit training and calisthenics, I have to admit I felt very out of my element when I first tried it, but it didn’t take long before the noticeable benefits outweighed any thought of whether or not Essentric training was right for me.

Jeff Cheong
For approximately three years my wife who is 68 has been training with Lauren. before that she was lifting weights, cardio, 16 minutes of planks 3 times a week. She and I have both noticed the tremendous improvements in her strength posture and figure. 
All the while she urged me to also train with Lauren. I finally at age 74 took her advice. In under two months I have noticed a dramatic change in my balance and symmetry of my biceps. I always look forward to my training sessions with Lauren as she has an uncanny ability to identify areas that need work and how best to address them. In addition, Lauren has an extremely affable personality that makes working with her a pleasure.

- Herb
I was first introduced to Essentrics through my office wellness program. I began participating in Lauren’s classes on a weekly basis and quickly came to love this style of workout! I have been living with scoliosis for 15+ years and initially began doing yoga to help with some of my aches and pains, however, integrating Essentrics into my workout routine has proven to be even more beneficial for my wellbeing. My lower back and shoulder pain is minimal and I’ve learned even more ways to stretch out my achy muscles. Even more, my arms, glutes and abs are more toned. I would describe Essentrics as a marriage between yoga-pilates-tai chi and recommend it to anyone looking for a low impact workout that is highly effective!

- Alicia
My session with Lauren really helped me to feel empowered as an apprentice instructor.
I’m currently healing from injuries from a chronic health condition. I was concerned that I couldn’t start my apprentice hours until I could do the full workout. Working with Lauren made me realise that the pre-choreographed workouts aren’t one-size-fits-all. She showed me how to modify PCW #1 to focus on mobility and healing rather than toning. I learned how to build up sequences so they made sense for my body. It’s pretty cool how the same workout has so many applications! I’m relieved that I don’t have to learn a completely new workout when my body is ready for strengthening.

We also addressed my posture including how to correctly pull up from my back and abs. These small adjustments meant I could actually feel the work where I was supposed to! This is not something that I would have figured out on my own despite my Pilates training.

To any apprentice instructor who’s thinking about working with Lauren: do it. You won’t regret it. You’ll probably kick yourself for not having started sooner! You’ll feel more confident to work with a wider variety of clients and complete your apprentice hours sooner. Her mentoring will jump start your Essentrics teaching career.

- Harjit Naghra, Pilates Instructor, 36


As a long distance open water swimmer I started Essentrics about two months ago to help with shoulder issues and remain injury free. The various exercises are presented in a manner that encourages constant listening to your body and not simply following Lauren in a mindless manner. She guides participants towards challenging themselves in an intentional and thoughtful way. It took me about 6 classes for my mind and body to understand some of the subtleties and benefits of these exercises. Each morning before a swim workout I even do a 5-minute Essentrics warm up.

My life is busy and I’m short on time so I wouldn’t bother with any of this if it wasn’t having a positive impact. My shoulders (and body in general) are not only injury-free but also feeling stronger. I was in a 10 km open water swim recently and had no issues during the swim or after.  I was tired (after 5 hours in the water!) but not really sore anywhere. Essentrics is one of the training programs that has helped me get to this point and is now part of my regular training program. Also, Lauren doesn’t just have music on during class; her musical acumen is readily apparent by how she uses the music to enhance the exercises and increase the pleasure of the movements. 

- Rob Lines, Educator, 69


Essentrics was the first workout class I took after the birth of my 2nd child, and I’m so happy that it was! After 2 c-sections, I was looking for a full body workout that would help me rebuild my core strength and mobility snd Eccentrics was perfect. Lauren is an incredible instructor with amazing attention to detail and always makes sure everyone in the class is doing each move to the best of their abilities, it’s extremely impressive. To me, Essentrics feels like a full body physiotherapy session and incorporating it into my weekly workout routine has improved my posture and even helped me lose that final baby weight!

- Elissa